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Season 11

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Is Friends returning to TV? It is, but not to TV.

This is my version of how the eleventh season of Friends would've went.

Note that the first two episodes were written not only by me, but also many other members of and the credit goes to them entirely. I could not have done it without them.

Visit for lots of more information. Thanks for the following users for making this eleventh season possible: tafj73, jhurley1, shout12, mkpsu, friends4ever234, rossandrachel, madison1314, adrian313, iluvfriends, friends2thend, that70sshow2000... Thank you. It wouldn't be possible to make season 11 without you, guys! :)

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Season 11:
Episode Guide:

11.04 The One With The Thanksgiving Host (Part II)

11.05 The One With Rachel's Answer

**more episodes will be added soon**

in the meantime, please e-mail me what you think :)